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1122 Angel Number Meaning in Manifestation: How to Use It?

1122 Angel Number Meaning in Manifestation: How to Use It

It’s time for us to embark on a journey of self-discovering and spiritual awakening, my friend, because the 1122 angel number is a divine message from the angels or Universe.

If you’re seeing it repeatedly, on clocks, car number plates, or other places, consider it a delivery retry. You didn’t pay attention the first time, so they’re trying again and again and again.

But what are they trying to say?

1122 Angel Number Meaning in Manifestation

angel and human statue with skies background

Seeing 1122 angel number on a regular basis could be a sign that you need to have a little more self-belief, just like seeing 444. If you can imagine your celestial beings giving you a bit of a pep talk – and this, is it. Three little words: believe in yourself.

Whatever you’re trying to do, or get, or achieve, you’ll get there a lot quicker if you have more belief in yourself. Why don’t you believe more?

You’ve gotten this far in life, haven’t you? And I bet there have been losses and wins along the way.

In a world filled with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and an endless stream of Instagram influencers making us feel inadequate, it’s not always easy to have faith in ourselves.

But that’s where 1122 comes in. It’s there to give you the confidence boost you perhaps didn’t even know you needed.

You CAN do it.

But you can’t if you don’t ever try.

This angel number is also linked to several other meanings and messages in manifestation, including the following:

New opportunities;
New beginnings;
Life balance;
Spiritual balance;

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Can I Use 1122 to Get Something I Want?

a person meditating at sunset
Meditation – Mindfulness – Person Meditating at Sunset Over the Clouds

Yes, you can use angel number 1122 to get what you want – and it’s much easier than you’d think.

There are several ways in which you can use it to spiritually enhance your life, but manifestation is one of the best methods, along with positive affirmations and intentions.

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How Can I Use 1122 Angel Number to Manifest My Desires?

celestial concept of an angel

Being associated with confidence, life balance, and new opportunities/beginnings, 1122 angel number is a reminder for you to make active, positive steps towards what you’re trying to achieve.

Yes, the universe and angels are on your side… but you do need to put in the work, too.
If you’re struggling to find balance between work and socializing, or personal and spiritual sides of yourself, 1122 can help you, but you must also help yourself.
Book some time off and use this angel number to make the most of it by manifesting the right steps to take next.
Ask the universe for your angels for guidance or give your intentions and wishes extra strength by manifesting them into life.

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Using 1122 Angel Number to Manifest Your Desires: Step by Step Guide

a clock with hands pointing at 11 and 12

One simple message that the Universe or your angels are trying to get across with angel number 1122 is to manifest. You are going through a highly spiritual time in your life, connected to the above, beyond, and everywhere else.

Your manifestations will be stronger. Your intentions will start with a boost (in a sense). Life will change in all the ways you dream of.

If there was ever a time to manifest your dreams and wishes, seeing 1122 all the time is most definitely it.

1) Have Faith

In order for manifestation and other forms of spiritual energy manipulation to work, you must believe in it.

You must have faith that it has the ability to work and bring you everything you desire.

Without a positive attitude, you’re never going to attract abundance, happiness, and joy.

2) Find Your Focus

In order to manifest you must focus… and to focus you need peace and quiet. You’ll need to clear your mind of everything, leaving the space free for you to insert your manifestations and intentions.

This is terribly tough to achieve when you have a house full of people screaming their heads off. Or, you know, a couple of kids.

You can spend five minutes manifesting, or you can spend a couple of hours on it. It is a deeply personal act, and subjective, too. You’ll find your sweet spot after trying a few times, but you must actually give it a go first.

3) Align Your Chakras

Things will feel a little weird if your chakras are unaligned. You probably won’t be able to put your finger on it, but things will go wrong, little goes right, and you feel a little out of touch with real life, in a way you can’t quite describe.

Connected with balance, 1122 angel number on clocks, car number plates, prices, or anywhere else is a message to find balance and alignment.

You will get best manifestation results by starting with a clean, aligned state, so spend a little time aligning your chakras before doing anything else.

4) Are You Paying Attention?

1122 angel number not only reminds you to find balance, alignment, focus, and self-belief, but it also reminds you to pay attention.

Are you paying attention to messages or signs that are springing up right in front of you? How long did it REALLY take you to notice repetitive 1122 numbers around you?

If you’ve asked for more information, clarification, or confirmation, make sure you leave your spiritual self open to receive a response. You need to pay attention more. How are you going to spot great new opportunities otherwise?

5) Manifest Your Goals and Dreams

Have you ever manifested before? Incorporating this angel number into your intentions, affirmations, and manifestations is super easy – probably much easier than you thought.

In your calm, focused space, play your perfect life in your mind like a movie. Set things out exactly how you’d want them to be, so the Universe and your angels don’t interpret or get mixed messages.

You can add the 1122 angel number in your vision, on clocks, car registrations, or anywhere else.

You can also write 1122 down on a piece of paper and grasp it in your hand, or doodle it in your manifestation diary, along with your affirmations, a deadline, and specific wishes.

You MUST take inspired action in the direction of your goals. Manifestation won’t change your life without a little hard work on your part. You can’t manifest money in your life and then sit on the couch and wait for it to happen. That’s not how it works.  

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How to Manifest Love with 1122 Angel Number

heart with angelic wings in the sky

When angels send you the 1122 angel number, they’re letting you know that they’re hanging around close by.

Your vibrational energies are stronger and more influential, which means you should work on your spiritual self and journey.

When your connection to the spiritual world is as strong as it is with 1122 angel number, you have the ability to take things one step further.

Why not communicate with the angels or Universe, requesting the next steps, a confirmation email, or just a little extra support.

You’re live on the line already; why not ask for a little more?

How to Manifest Money with 1122 Angel Number

art concept of a Spiritual meditation

Manifesting money with the guidance of angel number 1122 works best when you use a combination of approaches – crystals, colored candles, manifestation, intentions, affirmations, and positive thinking. (That’s not an exhaustive list.)

Affirmations for money you can use include:

I am worthy and deserving of monetary abundance.
My soul and spirit are open and accepting of financial prosperity.
Wealth, abundance, and prosperity flow easily into my life.

How to Manifest Spiritual Health with 1122 Angel Number

person meditating in the pool

Spiritual health and personal well-being are intricately linked, so if one is down, the other will be, too. That’s why it’s important to focus on self-care along with spiritual practices.

So, the first step to take when attempting to manifest spiritual health with angel number 1122 is self-care.

Run a bath, read a book, take some time to sit in silence, get a massage, whack on a face mask, or do whatever is self-care to you.

For me, personally, it’s watching scary movies in the bath, lights off, candles lit, bubbles going wild. You must find your own self-care regime.

Final Words

Take a moment each day to reflect on the world around you and see how it’s shifting in your favor. 1122 angel number is a gentle reminder that the universe is conspiring in your favor, pushing you towards your goals and dreams.

Along with acceptance of whatever joys and delights come your way, you must also give gratitude and be thankful.

So, instead of dwelling on the negatives, focus on these beautiful positive shifts.

Trust me, it will bring you a renewed sense of gratitude and joy!

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