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Home » 4 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

4 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

4 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

Four of cups reversed indicate a revival of motivation. You might start socializing again.

There will be a willingness to open up to new people and opportunities.

In these times, you will implement your spiritual learnings for overcoming obstacles. You are entering a new phase in your life.

If you see this card, you might be experiencing new feelings. You might not want to accept these emotions. There might be some changes going on in your surroundings which might be causing these new emotions.

You need to have an open-minded approach toward these changes to receive blessings.

It is time for reunions if you have spent some time away from your friends and family. You can catch up with them about the required matters.

Keywords associated with Four of cups reversed: withdrawal, the rise of new emotions, detachment, apathy, self-reflection

The general meaning of 4 of Cups Reversed

4 of Cups Reversed
4 of Cups Reversed

Four of cups reversed reflects that you are headed towards growth.

Your time in isolation is over. You have overcome the stage of stagnation. In your period of struggles, you have attained maturity.

  • Your new experiences will set you on the path to success.
  • You have reflected on your emotions. You make a better approach to processing your feelings.
  • Also, you chose to heal spiritually.

It has helped you to leave all your regrets behind. You have lost nothing but gained a lot from your mistakes.

You will be emotionally available for your loved ones and provide them with the necessary support. It will strengthen your relationships.

There is no need for you to feel alone. You are loved and supported.

You feel an increased sense of empathy and you will not be afraid to express your emotions.

During these times, you will feel more confident. You might feel drawn towards spirituality.

This card brings a piece of good news as you will be able to give up your fears. It gives you the message of acceptance.

Embracing these changes with an open mind will bring you joy. You will learn to balance your emotions.

It might be a new awakening for you where you do not worry needlessly anymore.

You will start sensing that your life is heading toward a brighter phase. All you need is a little bit of patience and resilience.

4 of Cups Reversed in Love

4 of Cups Reversed in Love

Four of cups reversed is telling you to seek a balance in your relationship. You and your partner must be on equal terms.

Both of you need to put in equal effort for this relationship to thrive. If you have been acting distant lately, it is time for you to fulfill your responsibilities.

You must be available for them when they need you. If you feel your partner is not giving you enough time, you need to communicate your needs. You need to have a collective approach to solve your indifferences. 

When you see this card in your tarot spread, you are receiving the message of optimism. If you have experienced heartbreaks in past, you will heal completely. It is time when you will overcome the pain that you have experienced.

A new kind of passion will fill you.

You will start feeling abundant and attracting love.

Your current relationships will flourish. You can consider long-term commitments. It was a period of peace.

You might have found the perfect partner.

For singles, it might be the time to start dating again.

You are coming out from the period of solitude.

Also, you feel confident to approach your love interests.

You will have a healed aura around you that will help you attract better matches. You will need to be more open toward people.

It will be crucial for you to start your new relationships. You will also have to leave your past patterns of detachment behind.

4 of Cups Reversed in Yes or No

It's a YES?

Four of cups reversed gives us very interesting insights into yes and no questions.

If you are asking a question about a new beginning, it is a sign that you need to let go of the things which have been holding you back.

You will have to set yourself free from the shackles of the past to move forward.

If you are not fully prepared to embrace new changes, you will have to refrain from going forward.

You need to be fully confident before making any great move. Without that strength, it is a no for you.

If you are looking for an answer to love related question, this card is an encouragement.

You have come out from the phase of isolation. It is time for you to invest in a romantic relationship.

  • If you are thinking of taking a step forward in your current relationship, you should go for it.
  • If you are single, you may encounter someone new. It is a sign for you to approach them.

Although, you have to remember that they might have a different idea of romance than you. 

Four of the wands suggest us not to rush. It is telling us to go ahead with our plans but not without deep consideration. You will have to think thoroughly about any of your vital decisions. Also, you may be heading towards new chapters in your life.

You will have to prepare yourself for any such changes. This card suggests you some inward reflection. 

4 of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Our feelings in Tarot

Four of cups is a card deeply associated with feelings.

When you see this card, it reflects that you have been experiencing some strong emotions. While these sensations make us feel heavenly sometimes, they can also make us pretty low.

This card can hint at both positive and negative emotions.

It can be a sign that you are going through feelings of rejuvenation. You are accepting new emotions and leaving the old ones behind.

You might be trying to come out of your comfort zone and try out things that frightened you before.

It is a period of growth for you.

  • You can take up new opportunities;
  • You are coming out from your solace;
  • Also, you will be willing to meet new people and visit new places.

This card is also associated with nostalgia.

You might be constantly thinking of your memories. You may want to relive your past moments.

It might be hindering you from having new experiences. While it is discernible to carry forward past experiences, you need to make way for new adventures

If you have experienced loneliness in the past, it is time for a revival.

You will start seeing how much supported and appreciated. You will start regaining your confidence. Do not let the moments of self-doubt control you. You will soon realize that you are loved and desired.

7 Messages and advice from the 4 of Cups Reversed 

Tarot deck

Four of cups is an insightful card that helps us better understand our lives. We can look at this card to receive spiritual messages. These messages and advice help us grow in our life. We can make confident decisions by reflecting on these messages.

Here are 7 messages and advice from 4 of cups reversed:

1) Learn from the past, but do not live in it

It is common for everyone to have some experiences which are not easy to leave behind. These can be both positive and negative. But, we should only remember the positive sides of those experiences and let go of what weighs us down. 

2) Be open to new feelings

Being human, all of us experience all sorts of feelings. Very often, we sense a transition of emotions. We must not be reluctant to accept new emotions. All this part of life.

3) Spend time with your loved ones

In today’s world, everyone gets busy in their lives. It might seem so hard to keep in touch with your favorite people. But relationships require time and care. You need to check on your loved ones and be available for them.

4) You need to be in equilibrium with your inside and outside 

It is crucial to introspect your feelings to better understand yourself. Self-reflection gives us better perspicuity of our character. 

5) Learn to forgive

Forgiveness will help you move forward. Someone might have hurt you in the past. But, you will have to forgive to deal. Be gentle with yourself as well. You need to forgive yourself for your mistakes in the past.

6) Develop an optimistic point of view

You might have been some dark days which make it difficult for you to expect good. But, hard times are gone. You have a long way to go. Be hopeful about what is to come.

7) Do not let yourself fall into the spiral of self-doubt

Sometimes, negative experiences make us develop a negative mindset. We start self-doubting. We do not believe that we are good enough. It does not only make us feel inadequate but, also does not let us perform to our fullest.

These messages and advice help us identify the areas we need to work on. It helps us have a better approach toward our struggles

Is four of cups reversed good luck?

The four of cups and good luck

Four of cups reversed is a card of encouragement.

It encourages you to take up new opportunities. You will encounter new prospects. It can bring you growth. A new door of possibilities will open up for you.

But, you will have to be cautious about making decisions.

Even if you will have better opportunities, it is vital for you to self-reflect and sees what is right for you.

Even if you are receiving a message of growth and prosperity. You will have to break free from your past patterns to achieve your goals.

This card hints at overcoming stagnancy. You are heading towards a phase of growth. Your future is abundant. You need to be optimistic about your destiny.

Although, you will have to make responsible decisions

Final Words

Four of cups reversed is a card with assertive messages. It mostly talks about our feelings and emotional turmoils.

We have to go through various ups and downs in our lives.

Our troubles might result in negative emotions. We must learn to have a constructive approach to dealing with these emotions.

It is vital for maintaining better mental health.

We should not turn inwards every time we experience inconvenience in our life. While it is healthy to spend time alone to work on ourselves, we also need to face our outside troubles. It is a sign for you to develop a strong mindset.

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