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Home » 5 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: In Love, Yes or No and Feelings

5 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: In Love, Yes or No and Feelings

5 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: In Love, Yes or No and Feelings

The five of Pentacles card is generally not perceived as a very positive card as it is associated with:

  • Unfavorable changes in the circumstances;
  • Temporary financial losses;
  • Feelings of being ignored in the relationship;
  • Isolation;
  • Apathy;
  • And much more.

But reversed 5 of Pentacles is regarded as a positive omen since it signals that the hardships experienced lately are coming to an end and light of hope is visible.

The reversed card symbolizes that you have struggled during these hardships, but from now your persistence will finally bear some fruit.

The card can also signify that the future holds much better opportunities than you have lost.

One way or another you will overcome your current state of stagnancy.

Keywords associated with the 5 of Pentacles reversed: Recovery, Growth, Sense of Acceptance, Improvement in Relationship

5 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Five of Pentacles Reversed
Five of Pentacles Reversed

When a reversed 5 of pentacles card shows up in a reading it suggests that the worst is now over, and you can expect blessings coming your way.

Although, you must be patient to notice positive changes because nothing changes overnight.

The card shows that recovery from the unfortunate events has begun in terms of finance, career, or personal relationships.

One might see new doors of opportunities opening for them.

Unexpected help might come the way that will bring you prosperity.

You will likely make new connections to help you gain better circumstances.

You will start feeling that all the sufferings were worth it. A realization that you have grown in hostile circumstances will hit you.

Your growth will bring you closer to your goals. You might even have a sense of spiritual prosperity.

Positive emotions will start illuminating your whole self. You will start feeling more confident.

You will have a sense of stability in finance along with romantic relationships.

Your positive sentiments will begin to overpower the negative ones paving the way for the rapid betterment of your circumstances.

5 of Pentacles Reversed in Love

5 of Pentacles Reversed in Love

Five of pentacles reversed symbolizes that you will be able to rekindle relationships that you were holding on to in times of struggle.

A phase where you might have felt ignored, rejected, and suffered from solitude will end.

You will start feeling loved and desired again.

The feeling of belonging will provide you with a sense of security:

  • You will be at peace in romantic or non-romantic relationships.
  • You will gather the strength to work on your relationships.
  • Also, you will find the courage to walk away from relationships that have not served you well.

At the same time, you will open up to new people and seek trust and affection in new relationships.

People will like your pleasant vibe of openness.

Reversed 5 of pentacles is telling you that, once again you are in a phase where your chances of finding love are increasing.

For singles, if the card shows up in the reading, you must consider it the right time to begin new relationships that will help you achieve better emotional and mental health. You will find it easier to establish new connections.

Five of pentacles reversed is also suggestive of improvement in your relationship with yourself.

You will have better clarity on your thoughts and what you want.

You will be able to fix external relationships by improving your internal relationships.

5 of Pentacles Reversed in Yes or No

It's a direct NO answer

Tarot card readings are one of the beautiful spiritual ways to get a yes or no answer in moments of uncertainty

Five of Pentacles card help us gain clarity by giving us a message of yes or no. It is simple to interpret the message we are receiving.

While an upright 5 of pentacles card is a certain ‘NO’ telling us to avoid making big decisions and taking risks, a reversed 5 of pentacles is quite the opposite.

Five of pentacles is mostly a yes. When you see this card, you should know that things will likely work out in your favor.

As the card symbolizes flourishing times, the answer to your question is affirmative.

  • You will feel confident while making an affirmative decision;
  • You will lead toward a buoyant phase in your life;
  • Also, you might not feel an instantaneous change, but you will be set on the path of recovery.

When asking a yes or no question in love or a relationship, reversed five of pentacles indicate a forward-looking change even if you feel stuck and isolated momentarily.

The card hints that you will be prosperous in your choices about your relationships.

By asking yes or no questions, the card may signify whether we must work on a relationship or whether it is better to leave it behind.

As Reversed five of pentacles card is associated with optimistic energy, a yes answer will help you make an impactful decision.

5 of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings

Spiritual feelings in Tarot

Five of pentacles reversed not only represent your feelings but can also indicate what others are feeling towards you.

Five of pentacles is generally associated with feelings of lostness and insecurity. You might feel distant from yourself.

Negative emotions like uncertainty might seem to overpower you. You can feel like you do not have any control.

At the same time, the 5 of pentacles reversed symbolizes that you will find enough courage to fight these feelings of insecurity and you will not let these emotions overwhelm you.

You ought not to let the sentiment of pride stop you from speaking up about your feelings with someone that will prove helpful in combating your negative emotions. Seeking help will enable you to make decisions with more certainty.

The feeling of anxiety will gradually fade. With enough patience, clearer thoughts will start replacing unclear ones.

Reversed 5 of pentacles is trying to tell you that negative feelings are also a part of the process. You shall not mistake these feelings to be permanent as soon you will be able to overcome these struggles with emotions.

You ought to learn to let go of these feelings.

If you draw a reversed 5 of pentacles during a reading you must prepare yourself for a wave of optimistic emotions.

Your positive sentiments will also help you in attracting better relationships.

Your healed energy will be liked and welcomed by your loved ones.

9 Messages and advice from the 5 of Pentacles Reversed

5 of Pentacles Reversed messages

Tarot cards offer divine guidance. We can always find a piece of advice in their messages.

If we keep faith in the messages we receive, we can walk away from our sufferings towards better circumstances.

When it comes to reversed five of pentacles these are the messages and advice we are receiving:

  1. You should not feel ignored or an outsider. You will start feeling a sense of belongingness in relationships. Meanwhile, you make efforts to be more inclusive in your relationships.
  2. If you feel stuck with your emotions and feelings, you should not suffer alone and seek help. Help will be readily available from loved ones.
  3. As you might still be recovering from financial setbacks, it is suggested to practice frugal habits. 
  4. The reversed card gives you a message that relief is underway and your struggles are about to end. You must hold on as this phase of hardship will soon be over.
  5. Five of pentacles reversed tells us that you should learn from the hardships you have gone through. In the future, you should avoid mistakes that might have resulted in your current situation.
  6. This card advises you to recognize the deprivations of others. You must try to help those who are in a similar situation as yourself. The help can be provided through emotional or financial support.
  7. Five of pentacles reversed reminds us that we should not let our times of struggle define us. We must always keep hope and faith. 
  8. This card also indicates that it might be time to move away from commitments weighing us down and pave the way for new ones. These commitments can also hint at relationships of love that need to be left behind.
  9. Last but not least, the most emphatic message given by the card is the worst has passed. From this point, you can only move towards prosperity. Do not let negative thoughts stop you.

Is the 5 of Pentacles Reversed Good luck?

Good luck cards in Tarot

It is interesting to receive the message from the tarot cards that give us insights about the future, to know what destiny has in store for us.

More precisely, we feel eager to know whether it will bring us good luck or not.

Five of pentacles reversed gives us a strong message that our struggles will soon be a distant memory.

The worst is gone, and far better is to come.

We might not receive perfect outcomes, but the circumstances will be preferable. You will be able to combat financial and relationship problems.

It signifies that destiny holds precious gifts. You are going to receive much more and better.

But, you must stay focused and motivated to achieve that.

You should be clear about your goals if you desire to achieve what is best for you.

Even though reversed five of pentacles signifies positive beginnings, it does not directly correspond to good luck unless consistent endeavors are made for the purpose.

It asks us to be persistent in our efforts.

Final Words

The 5 of pentacles reversed is a card with diverse yet similar messages which promise us the dawn of a brighter future.

But most importantly, it teaches us a beautiful lesson that no matter how big our troubles may seem, all the downfalls are temporary.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

It symbolizes that eventually, things will turn out just the way they were meant to be. So, we must be patient on the darker days. Our hard work and persistence are bound to pay off.

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