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5 of Swords Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings

5 of Swords Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings

The tarot cards have been around for a very long time now, it’s a deck of 78 cards, each having its own imagery, symbolism, and story.

When a person knows what each Tarot card means, it becomes easy to understand the messages and advice they are trying to pass.

There are different tarot cards but only the 5 of Sword will be considered in this list with respect to the reversed meaning.

General Meaning of 5 Of Swords Reversed

5 Of Swords Reversed
5 Of Swords Reversed

From a general point of view, the 5 of swords reversed is just the opposite of the 5 of swords upright.

It is a Minor Arcana card of communication, compromise, overcoming challenges, and releasing stress.

It is centered around conflict, struggles and the damage that comes as a result.

Because these battles can come at a high price, the 5 of word tarot card reversed may also serve as a reminder that not every fight is worth fighting and sometimes it’s better off settling everything and letting go.

5 of Swords Reversed in Love

5 of Swords Reversed in Love

The 5 of sword reversed in love is not a great omen as it focuses a lot on settling relationship issues, reconciliation after a serious relationship crisis is possible with the 5 of sword reversed tarot card.

If you are in a relationship the Five of Swords reversed can signify that you and your partner may end some conflict in your relationship, learning to compromise and overcoming challenges. 

You may be letting bygones be bygones in respect of any arguments or issues you have been having and learning to communicate with each other but have in mind, you have to work in order for this peace to last.

If you return, to previous patterns you will sabotage the progress you have made.

On the flip side, the Five of Swords reversed can be an indication of a complete breakdown in communication and succumbing to challenges in the relationship.

If either of you has been unfaithful or deceitful in the relationship, this card can indicate that you will be exposed quite publicly as it indicates public shaming, revenge, remorse and regret

If you are in an abusive relationship, this card tells you to heed the warning that you are in danger!

Get out before it escalates into a serious issue because there are certain situations you would never wish to find yourself in so ensure you are taking proper precaution before loving.

If you are single, this might also, be a result that you’ve been too critical or dismissive of a potential partner is not all right for you and you are letting them go.

5 of Swords Reversed in Yes or No

Negative answer

This is very crucial! The 5 of swords card suggest conflict, selfishness, discontentment and pain. However, it could be as a result of loss, defeat or abandonment.

The tendency of proving others wrong at any cost is rooted in low self-esteem. Nothing associated to this card is positive, so, it’s a NO

You must know that the 5 swords reversed in Yes or No prove also, that in a midst of friends, there appear the unfriendly friends that is, friends by proximity, not by connectivity.

These friends are the ones that usually identify with you in the good times, not in the bad time. They only come to collect, but they have nothing to add to your life.

They are generally called parasites. Also, they are physically close to you, even through their lips, they declare their allegiance to you, but their heart is far from you. 

They are very pretentious, proven with their lips that they are for you before people. But indeed they are against you. These are called white sepulchers.

Irrevocably, in the midst of nonsense, doing away with the “non”, “sense” is found. This is proof that in the midst of unfriendly friends, true friends that are known as friends indeed are established. These are friends by connectivity not proximity. 

They are friends in need, who are friends indeed. They never see distance as a barrier, and they believe that if it’s not sacrificial, it cannot be beneficial.

  • These are friends that everyone craves for. They are rare finds. 
  • They rejoice with you when you rejoice and mourn with you when you mourn, they are dependable, reliable tasted and trusted.
  • These are friends one dares not to dissociate and disconnect from.

Finally, they are friends that one ought to remain connected to all through one’s lifetime.

5 of Swords Reversed as Feelings

5 of Swords Reversed as Feelings

It is pivotal to know what the 5 of swords reversed, as feelings mean.

When pulling into the upright position, the 5 of swords have a similarity of feeling some form of betrayal or like you are been let down by someone so you feel irritable, angry, and stressed and this is as the result of tension in the air, distrust, and pride. 

In a relationship, both parties have to be compatible and compatibility has to do with tolerance, understanding, and love.

If this is in place, pride cannot come in because there’s a mutual understanding of the bond they share.

However, whenever you notice that the 5 of swords are reversed, it is seen most at times that good things are about to come.

It indicates a sense of relief and increased optimism about the future

Always stay focused on the positive aspect of life and let go of the things that are not serving you in a long run. You can also receive support from those around you.

Not minding the suit of sword sometimes, often form struggles and challenges but then, remember that every cloud has a silver lining.

For life, is an opportunity to grab it, life is a real face it.

Most importantly to know, Life sometimes doesn’t give us what we want, not because we don’t deserve it but because we deserve more.

Everyone experiences challenges times now and then, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow.

9 Messages and Advice from the 5 of Words Reversed

Advice from the 5 of Words Reversed

Often, times tarot card reading is seen as an instrument for gaining insight into our lives unknowingly that it could be used as a cartomancy in which the practitioner draws cards to gain insight around a situation.

1) Nightmares

Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant never taste death but once.

Dealing with a problematic situation having placed fear is a propeller and can shoot up with the 9 of swords tarot meaning.

Most nightmares might be seen as a scary or tragic situation and keeps one awake at night.

Oftentimes, this card suggests that the fears are not as terrible as they are in your head.

2) Guilt, regret, and insecurity

You may struggle with:

  • Guilt;
  • Regret;
  • Insecurity;
  • Partner trust;
  • Or mental health issues.

You have to see for yourself if these feelings make sense.

Anxiety can make you avoid looking at the problem and dealing with it, as far as your eyes can see, you may find that you can scale through these issues.

3) Challenges in your life

The challenge that comes your way is real and you must face it but then the 9 of swords points at the anxiety and worry that come from belittling the situation instead of staring at it realistically at its face.

There is a tendency that often times what you tend to think may be negative.

However, maybe an outbox of one’s thoughts to give you an advice of what to do.

4) Always think long and hard

Always think long and hard before entering into a battle or engaging in hostilities with another for you have little chances of winning this one.

5) You need to have caution

It advises caution and the need for self-protection when out and about when traveling alone for you may be vulnerable.

There could be a risk of attack or mugging so guide your valuables as not to become victims of circumstances.

6) Don’t waste your time

It advises us not to waste another minutes or time in our task, procrastinating because time wasted is life wasted.

7) Be positive

It advises us be positive in our thought and not be negative so we’ll enjoy happiness.

8) Intimidation

Also, it messages and advice us that ambition without regard can show intimidation from someone who derives joy in oppressing others verbally, emotionally, or otherwise.

9) Be careful with your relationships

It advises us to always think about the people we’re attracted to if we are being too aggressive in a relationship and find out what isn’t working and how we can fix it and fix our love life too.

Is the 5 of Swords Reversed Good Luck?

Tarot cards and good luck

This is a question with no exact answer. When the 5 of swords appear in tarot reading, it’s time to examine your relationship with confrontation which tells us about;

Whether you’re always running into fire and trying your hardest to ignore it until everything blows up. Let’s see how you handle the tension.

This card encourages one to avoid conflict because is a necessary part of life.

If we don’t address an issue, speak our minds, or break the tension, then we are just stagnating making no reputable change.

If we don’t speak up, our bitter indignation as having been treated unfairly can allow a situation to become a far bigger deal than necessary

Final Words

5 of swords reversed are centered on conflict and power struggles and the damages they usually cause. 

These damages can come at a high price so we lay down prioritize and decide what things really matter and what things you need to let go

The five of swords reversed tells us that not every fight is what fighting and sometimes you have to settle everything than letting go.

Most importantly, you must know how important for you to win this war or fight is. When you think about it, what is the long term result you actually want?

Not minding the current situations of hardship, disappointment and pain that stare at you, it’s time to take a beat.

You have to look past on the immediacy of the emotions swirling around for you right now to see the big picture. Don’t be a sore loser.

If you lost the battle, accept that lost with grace. Do you need t be a winner every time? HELL NO! You don’t need to be the winner all the time.

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