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Home » 6 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

6 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

6 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

The 6 of Cups is a sign for the answer “YES“.

Nostalgia, memories, and a sense of safety are the tarot card’s key themes, and the card’s overall vibe is one of optimism and positivity.

In a tarot reading, the appearance of the Six of Cups is seen as a message to let go of whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals.

The 6 of Cups in its reversed position conveys the word “NO“.

It represents being unable to go on and feeling as though one is rooted in the past.

When the 6 of Cups is turned upside down, it symbolizes that it is difficult for the individual to leap into the unknown, which frequently leads to the individual clinging to previous experiences that feel familiar and safe.

The general meaning of 6 of Cups Reversed

6 of Cups Reversed
6 of Cups Reversed

The 6 of Cups reversed upside down suggests that a powerful sense of nostalgia has gained the upper hand in the situation.

This need to relive (a certain portion of) the past might, in the end, make you feel like you’re stuck in the present and prevent you from genuinely living in the now so that you can take the wonderful chances that are there in front of you just waiting to be found.

6 of Cups Reversed in Love 

6 of Cups Reversed in Love 

It’s possible that you’re living in the past rather than the present, according to the tarot interpretation of the 6 of Cups when it’s reversed, which deals with love.

Due to a prior relationship, you might not have been able to love fully or make room in your heart for another person.

This could be because of the pain you had in that relationship.

It’s possible that you’ll convince yourself that the love you’ve had in the past was an illusion or that you’ll never find another person who’s anything like your ex-partner

Being with a person who lives in this manner may be quite unjust to current and potential future partners.

Your ex-lovers are not your present relationships for a reason, and it’s possible that you only remember the good moments rather than the challenging times you shared together in the past.

Put the past in the trash. In such a case, you risk preventing yourself from finding love again.

6 of Cups Reversed in Yes or No

Negative answer from this Tarot Card

When reversed, the 6 of Cups conveys the truthful answer “NO“.

It suggests that one cannot move on from the past and has a tough time moving in a new or different route.

It is time to become more attuned to the here and now and learn how to live in the moment.

6 of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Positive and negative feelings

When turned upside down, the 6 of Cups is interpreted as “NO“.

It refers to the feeling of being hampered by one’s past and unwilling to make arrangements for one’s future.

The 6 of Cups turned upside down shows that it may be tough to go into the unfamiliar, which commonly prompts individuals to cling to what is familiar and comfortable in their previous experiences.

This is because stepping into the unknown can be scary.

6 Messages and advice from the Six of Cups Reversed 

Reversed six of cups and spiritual messages

There are different messages and advice when you see reversed 6 of cups card. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) For Love

If you are already in a relationship and you see the 6 Cups reversed in a Tarot spread for love, it may indicate that the partnership has become monotonous or that there is a lack of energy.

Even though the partnership provides you with stability, you could feel as though you are being stifled by it.

If you are currently single, the Six of Cups in its inverted position may signify that you are ready to let go of your former relationships and look for more fulfilling ones. 

If you refuse to let go of the past, nothing will ever change, and you risk wishing your life away if you do so.

Don’t be afraid to try someone new!

The Six of Cups may also indicate that you are not receiving the affection you deserve or that your capacity to communicate with your spouse if you are already in a relationship is hindered by childhood issues or traumatic experiences.

This may be the case if you are already in a relationship.

2) For Finance

When it is faced up, this card symbolizes youth and the past.

The Six of Cups reversed means you’re not afraid to go alone. This card is widely used by those currently residing at home but preparing to leave.

It is a sign of your growing financial independence.

You’ve probably developed the financial discipline and personal independence to launch your own life after living with your parents or other folks for a while.

Learn to embrace the opportunities presented by these scary yet essential shifts.

If you see the 6 of Cups reversed in reading about your finances, you may become more self-sufficient and responsible with your money.

A young individual who is still living at home with their family may be getting ready to move out.

You should also take care of yourself because this is a necessary but emotionally taxing task.

The 6 of Cups in reverse can be seen as a sign of growing financial independence and maturity.

3) For Professional Life

The 6 of Cups reversed might indicate a lack of enthusiasm or boredom in one’s professional life.

There’s a chance you’re considering leaving the relative security of this corporation in order to pursue a creative endeavour.

Doing work with vulnerable individuals, such as those who have undergone trauma or are otherwise disadvantaged, is another sign of this.

Although rewarding, this might drain your emotional reserves, so be sure to take care of yourself as well. If you see this card in reverse, it might signify that your project’s “sublimation” stage is complete.

The importance of this is debatable.

4) For Work

Everything in the immediate vicinity is perfectly visible to you.

You need to give this decision a lot of thought before deciding whether or not to take action to solve the issues that have been brought up in the workplace.

There are certain scenarios in which you might want to protect them, but there are others in which you might not.

It is important to be aware of the differences between the two. 

If the 6 of cups are turned upside down, it indicates that you are feeling bored at work and that you need to find something new and exciting to do in order to get things going again.

If you are changing careers or jobs, this tarot card suggests that you are likely maturing into greater chances and keeping a level head about the transition.

5) For Health

When interpreted from the perspective of health, the 6 of Cups in its reverse position may indicate that any health issues you are undergoing may be hereditary or a visual embodiment of unresolved difficulties or abuse from your childhood.

Alternatively, this card may indicate that any health problems you are experiencing may indicate that you are abusing your body.

If you are attempting to start a family but are having trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term, the 6 Cups in their inverted position may be a warning sign.

You’re in overdrive.

If you get a Six of Cups to spread with it reversed, it’s likely that health concerns are keeping you in the dark about anything. It is imperative that this issue be resolved as soon as humanly feasible.

Despite your challenges, you will learn that you are:

  • Well-prepared;
  • Very driven;
  • And possess many skills.

Right now is the moment to act on what you know you must do to go forward.

A positive outcome for your health is indicated by the Six of Cups (in its reversed position), provided that you use the appropriate treatment and technique

When it comes to making beneficial decisions for your health, you should avoid giving in to any temptation to cut corners.

It’s not a good idea to blow things out of proportion, take on too much, or get worked up about things in your thoughts since it might lead to mental health issues.

6) For Future

The 6 of Cups in its reversed position may suggest you engage in a personal journey back in time.

Although you could be thinking about an old flame or perhaps meeting them again, you still want to keep the bond you have going strong.

It’s possible that you’re hesitant to let others know that you are experiencing old sentiments or reconnecting with former friends because you’re afraid that they will judge you harshly. 

This card can be seen as a general symbol for letting go of the past and being ready to move on to the future.

It is possible that this is a sign of:

  • Growth;
  • Establishing oneself;
  • Or being forced to grow up.

It may also involve letting go of past anxieties or behaviours reminiscent of your childhood.

Is the Six of Cups Reversed good luck? 

The bad luck from reversed Tarot cards

When the 6 of Cups appears in the reversed position in your tarot reading, it is possible to interpret this as a clear message to take a moment to halt and reflect on the past in order to identify good things and elements of your life that you would like to carry with you into the future.

It is not a good idea to cling to the past for an excessive period of time; nonetheless, it can be incredibly helpful and enlightening to be able to reflect and recognize the positive events that have contributed to your development into the person you are today.

Maintain a positive attitude and forge your own route to success by capitalizing on the special blend of experiences, qualities, and abilities that only you possess.

Acquire the habits of trusting and appreciating who you are as an individual, and have faith that you can accomplish everything you set your mind to.

It is imperative that you give yourself permission to unwind and take a break whenever you feel the urge to do so.

However, you should make an effort to avoid being mired in reminiscences of the past and should motivate yourself to keep moving forward in the direction of your ultimate goals and aspirations.

Getting in the habit of taking baby steps every day will lead you further than you could ever think.

Final Words

Asking yes/no questions about your tarot cards requires you to consider a few important considerations while constructing your query.

There are a few things you should always examine before asking a question, including whether or not you’re coming from a position of a good attitude. Also, if you see 6 cups in reversed positions, you can consider the messages mentioned. 

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