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Home » 7 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

7 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

7 of Cups Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

Seven of cups is associated with dreams, fantasies, and illusions.

This card reflects that you are getting entangled in your thoughts. It might blur your vision of goals leading to internal turmoils.

This card indicates that you are feeling excited about your dreams. It might make you have unrealistic hopes, which can end in disappointment.

Therefore, do not let yourself fall prey to your own beliefs

Your wishes to achieve more within less time will not do you any good. You will have to take one step at a time. Trying to reach for everything simultaneously will only cause stress.

Keywords associated with 7 cups of reversed: multiple choices, confusion, unclarity, many desires

7 of Cups Reversed: General Meaning

7 of Cups Reversed
7 of Cups Reversed

Seven of cups reversed is associated with negative emotions. It can hint that you are losing touch with reality.

  • You are trying to run away from your troubles in real life.
  • You are constantly daydreaming or fanaticizing as a way of coping mechanism.
  • You might be scared to face reality.

It is a sign that you are too focused on your dreams to pay attention to your current situation.

You might have been living in your made-up illusions. It might result in high expectations without having the right idea of your reality.

You might have been building castles in the air. In this case, you will have to take a breath and face the harsh truths.

Alternatively, this card may reflect that you have started to regain clarity. You have admitted that dreaming will not provide you with anything unless you make an effort.

It is important to dream and have desires, but if it makes you lose sight of your true purpose, it can be harmful. It is time that you do not let illusions fool you.

This card is also predicting that you are confused among many choices. You have come across more than one opportunity at the same time. It will cause difficulty in decision-making

Seven of Cups Reversed in Love

Seven of Cups Reversed in Love

Seven of cups reversed is indicative of the disorder. You might be sensing confusion in your relationship. You have lost the clarity of what you are looking for.

There can be more arguments than usual. There will be a sense of disagreement. You might not get what you were accepting from your partner.

You might have set your expectations too high when you met this person, but now you feel disappointed.

If you keep searching for perfection, you will lose happiness.

This card tells you to accept people the way they are. You can not have success in fitting people into your idea of perfection.

You will feel better if you cherish their beautiful side. 

This card is urging you to come out of your make-believe world.

You are required to let go of illusions and start working on your relationship. Jumping from one relationship to another is not always the right thing. Count your blessing instead of going after something new.

If you are single, you will be confused about the right partner. There can be doubts about who will make a better match for you.

It is time for you to let go of your expectation. You can have a realistic approach toward romance. You can find your ideal partner by being practical.

7 of Cups Reversed in Yes or No 

It's a NO answer

Tarot cards can be helpful instruments in answering a question. Seven of cups reversed can also give you a bit of advice in a decision.

While seven of cups upright does not give us a very sure answer, a reversed seven of cups is mostly associated with ‘NO‘. It is asking you to take a step back before making a decision. You are not ready to go forward if you are lacking clarity.

When you see this card, you are encouraged to clear your thoughts. It is high time that you leave your habit of daydreaming.

You will end up hurting yourself if you do not develop a practical thought process. You will have to open your eyes to the facts.

Sometimes we take assistance from fantasies to run away from the truth but, in the long run, it will harm us.

If you are asking a love-related question, there is a message for you to start being constant. Commitment is crucial in your current relationship.

  • Your partner might be more invested in it than you are.
  • You have been indulging in self-doubt and uncertainty.
  • It is going to get you farther from your partner.

In the case of a career-related question, the answer is still a no.

You might be considering switching your job, or going after new opportunities. But, be cautious before making any significant decision.

If you are unclear about your goals, do not make a hasty decision. Take a step back and ponder over your long-term objectives.

7 of Cups Reversed as Feelings

Sad, angry and upset

Seven of cups is a card of confusion. It reflects a feeling of restlessness. You do not have a clear vision of your desires at the moment. You might be feeling unsure about what you want to do.

These feelings might be arising from living in illusions.

Maybe you have been spending too much time in your fantasies that you do not pay much attention to reality.

This card reflects a feeling of uncertainty. You do not have a clear picture of your future. If you feel like this, there is a message for you to be optimistic and not let these emotions overpower you. 

You might feel confused about making any love-related decisions.

You might be feeling uncertain about initiating a new relationship. It might be because you need to find yourself before you look for someone else.

You need to self-reflect before you go after someone.

There is also a message for someone struggling in their relationship.

Lately, you might have been caught up in your illusions and that may have led you to ignore your partner’s needs. It can result in feelings of distance. You will be required to communicate with your partner to understand them.

9 Messages and advice from the 7 of Cups Reversed 

Spiritual messages from the 7 of Cups Reversed 

Tarot cards deliver divine messages to help us navigate through our struggles. They give us a better understanding of our status. We can improve our situation by paying heed to these messages. You can always find a piece of advice in our readings.

When you see 7 of cups reversed in your tarot spread, these are the messages that you are receiving:

1) Retreat inside for clarity

It might be a phase of unclarity for you. You might have lost sight of your goals. If you are feeling unsure about what you desire, it is time to look inside. You can gain a better perspective by discovering yourself.

2) Get out of your illusions

Your illusions are stopping you from looking at reality. Even if you are scared to face it, the reality will not change. You will have to confront the truth now or later.

3) Time to take an action

Lately, you have spent a lot of time wondering about your wishes. You will have to understand that you can not achieve your objectives only by thinking about them. You will have to work for them.

4) Do not make hasty decisions

You will have to reconsider your decisions. You should not feel overconfident about your judgments. Sometimes, it is better to take things slow.

5) Make the best use of your time

You need to be conscious of how you spend your time. If you indulge in habits that will not serve you well in the future, you are wasting your mind. It is crucial to respect time and use it efficiently.

6) Do not let your fantasies lure you

Our dreams and desire can sometimes be tempting. We tend to feel that all those feelings are fair and justified. We must not blindly run after our dreams without weighing the risks.

7) Do not dwell on what you have missed

Do not dwell on missed opportunities instead look to work on the ones you have. You are heading towards better opportunities in your life. Be optimistic about what is coming for you.

8) Give yourself some time to relax

You are determined to achieve your goals. It may cause you to work tirelessly towards them. Although it is good to work for your purposes, make sure you take some time to relax.

9) Learn acceptance

In our life, we do not get ideal situations. It is completely normal. We cannot always get what we desire. Therefore, this card suggests that you should accept some people and situations the way they are and not try to change them.

These bits of advice and messages are encouraging you to take things slowly. At the same time, you are advised to come out of your head and have a reality check.

Is the 7 of Cups Reversed good luck? 

Good luck signs in Tarot

Seven of cups reversed is a card mostly associated with dreaming, desires, illusions, and daydreaming.

You have been spending a lot of time escaping from your reality. This card is a sign to fix your present situation. You can not turn out your future to turn out expected if you do not pay attention to your reality.

You need to set your goals right to achieve them. This card is suggestive of coming out of illusions. You need to be realistic about what you want.

There is a need for you to gain a better perspective about your purposes. Once you have learned how to be practical, you can have hope for you to better.

  • You can expect better luck ahead;
  • You will encounter new opportunities, but how you tap them, will be very detrimental;
  • Also, you will have to make practical judgments;
  • Finally, you are fully capable of overpowering your thoughts.

As soon as you set yourself free from a spiral of thoughts, your future will become brighter.

Final Words

It is normal for each one of us to get trapped in our thoughts. We tend to drift away from reality when we start pondering over it.

It is all right for us to have desires and goals but, we should not ignore our principles in pursuit of these desires.

The takeaway for all of us is to stay grounded and not try to run away from our present situation. You should not worry about the future, everything will turn out much better than imagined.

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