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Home » 7 of Swords Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

7 of Swords Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

7 of Swords Reversed Meaning: in Love, Yes or No, Feelings 

Seven of swords reversed represents deceit, dishonesty, manipulation, and mind games.

If this card appears in your readings, you might be the person who uses wits and a mental approach to get what they want.

It can mean that you are afraid to show who you are. You might feel the need to be someone else.

It can also imply that you have been using your intellect to solve a problem without much success.

You might be refraining from using your problem-solving abilities to counter your troubles. 

This card can also reflect that you have been deceived and outwitted. You might sense that someone has not been truthful to you. It can make you lose trust in others.

Keywords associated with seven of swords reversed: cleverness, trickery, lies, deceit.

General Meaning of Seven of Swords Reversed

Seven of Swords Reversed
Seven of Swords Reversed

Seven swords reversed is associated with the misconduct of deceit and lies. It generally represents someone who opts for mind tricks or pretenses to hide their malpractices.

But if seven of swords shows up in your tarot spread, then maybe it is time when all the lies and deceits are ending.

You might have decided to come clean and accept the truth. You can be sensing a renewal of conscience. 

Also, you might be going through a phase where you are not completely honest with yourself.

You can be hiding your real intentions. You might be afraid to put yourself out there. It might be causing you to pretend like you are someone else.

During this period, you can find yourself struggling with your identity.

You might not be feeling fulfilled by the achievements you have made by being deceitful.

It can suggest that previously you have tried to sidestep your issues with your intelligence instead of confronting them.

You might feel the need to change your attitude. You can feel conflicted between using or avoiding your cleverness to get out of trouble. 

This card reflects that all the lies are coming to light.

You might come to know whom you can trust and whom not.

You will discover if someone has deceived you in the past.

It can help you to understand people better. At the same time, you can feel that those who did you wrong did not get the justice they deserved. It can cause anguish. 

7 of Swords Reversed in Love

7 of Swords Reversed in Love

Seven of swords reversed does not hint at good bonding in a relationship. It is a sign of deception and cheating.

This card implies that all the lies will come to the surface. It reflects one of the partners in the relationship has been unfaithful.

It signals a shallow foundation of the relationship

If you were the one who had been unfaithful, you should realize it is time for you to come out clean.

Truth cannot hide for so long. If you regret being dishonest, you should make your confession.

Otherwise, you may soon feel like dishonesty is weighing you down. It might be a time when you need to give up your manipulative behavior. You feel relieved once you have come clean.

Alternatively, you might discover that your partner was the one who deceived you.

You may realize that your lover is not exactly what they seem. You can feel that they were not honest with you.

Some of their falsehoods might come to the surface. You can feel betrayed. It can make you want to end the relationship. 

For singles, it might be a sign that you are encountering pretentious people. You can feel people are not being honest with you. It might be stopping you from initiating a new relationship.

On the other hand, you might find it difficult to trust people because of your past experiences. If you have recently come out of a relationship, you can struggle to find trust in someone.

7 of Swords Reversed in Yes or No

It's a YES answer

Even if seven of swords is associated with deceit and dishonesty, in a reversed position, it signals a yes.

It signifies that you have matured in your journeys. You feel more responsible for your actions.

You have realized that being honest is necessary to have a stable relationship. Owning your mistakes will help you on your healing journey.

When you encounter this card in love-related questions, it is a sign for you to be cautious in your relationship.

This card appears when we are determined to change our behaviors.

There must be hope for the future.

You should have the most honest approach that you can have.

If you are trying to work on a relationship, it should be remembered that you will have to give up hurtful habits for them to work out. 

Seven of swords reversed is an optimistic sign. It is telling us to try improving our internal and external relationships.

Once you understand how your behavior has adversely hurt you, you will feel eager to fix your behavior.

You will start attracting happiness in your relationships once you decide to work on yourself.

It is essential to embrace your mistakes before you try to fix them.

You need to trust your intuition if you are feeling uncertain about decisions related to your relationships.

Even if the card implies a yes, you should reflect if you are ready to undergo the required struggle to achieve what you want. You should be confident in your decisions if you are resolved to leave your past habits behind. 

7 of Seven Swords as Feelings

Person feelings

Seven of swords hints at a positive change in the context of feelings.

  • You might have rediscovered yourself after a period of struggles;
  • You want to put an end to self-deception;
  • Also, you will gather the strength to confront your real feelings.

It will help you set on the path to recovery and help you gain self-confidence. You will be able to give up the burden that you have been feeling.

This card is suggestive of mental clarity. You will start feeling positive emotions. It will make you want to have a clear conscience.

Also, you will want to put an end to deception. You feel the need to become honest in your relationship. You will feel determined to give up your negative emotions. It can feel self-empowering.

Seven of swords reversed can also give insight into what someone feels about you. If you are thinking about your partners’ feelings, they are looking for honesty.

They are ready to have a genuine conversation with you.

You should know that they are willing to continue this relationship, although you will need to be candid with each other.

You can give it a fresh start. This relationship can develop the potential to turn into something permanent.

Seven of swords talks about both your inward and outward feelings. You can be struggling with feeling honesty with yourself or with others.

This card reflects that there will be an end to those emotions. It is a fresh start.

People around you will start being candid with you. You will become more faithful toward your loved ones, and people will find you trustworthy. Your struggle with your negative emotions is about to come to an end. 

9 Messages and advice from the 7 of Swords Reversed 

Advices from the 7 of Swords Reversed 

Tarot cards can provide us guidance to navigate through our troubles. Seven of swords reversed gives us insightful messages and advice which help us in coping with our problems.

Here are some of the important messages that seven of swords is trying to convey:

1) Have a straightforward approach to your problems

You need to have a straightforward approach to solving your problems. You might be feeling that your troubles are not easy to deal with.

This card also means that you can solve even the toughest problems by looking at them from a new perspective.

2) It is time to be honest

This tarot card is a sign that you cannot continue being untruthful. You cannot hide the truth for long. Lies will eventually get exposed.

You should come out clean with those whom you have deceived. 

3) Follow the right path

This card signifies that you already know what is the right step. You only need to follow your intuition. Do what you believe is right and everything will fall into its place.

4) Explore new opportunities

It is the time in your life when you can explore new possibilities. You will sense new doors opening up for you. You can take advantage of these opportunities for self-growth. 

5) Develop a strong mindset

You will have to go through many ups and downs in your life. You will have to develop a strong mindset which will help you to overcome all the gloomy phases in your life.

6) Recognize your potential

You have the required potential to overcome all the obstacles in your life. Maybe you do not believe your strength that might be hindering you from discovering your full potential.

7) Use your intelligence for problem-solving

Intelligence is one of your greatest strengths. It has helped you in the past to counter a lot of troubles.

You might have used your intelligence to avoid problems in the past. You will have to learn to face them. This card also mean that you should feel confident about your problem-solving ability.

8) Check on your closed-ones

Your close ones might be going through some emotional turmoils. You can take some time to check on them. You can provide them with emotional support.  

9) Be true to yourself

When you see this card in your tarot spread, it gives you the message to stay honest with yourself. You should acknowledge your emotional needs.

You can navigate through your struggles by listening to these messages.

Is the 7 of Swords a Good Sign?

Good luck sign in Tarot

Seven of swords gives a mixed signal about your future. It can be indicative of upcoming struggles and troubles.

You might be able to solve your problems with your intelligence.

At the same time, you may encounter some hidden truth, or someone might discover a hidden truth about you. It can be stressful.

You should not lose hope in any case because all this will result in your personal growth. You will discover your potential.

After this phase, you will be able to have a very optimistic approach to life.

Final Words

Seven of swords reversed might be associated with negative feelings but, it teaches us a lot.

It encourages us to face our fears.

We get the message to be realistic in our life. It helps us in having a better approach to our troubles. We can rely on these messages for a better future.

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