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Home » 8 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

8 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

8 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

There are 78 cards in a tarot reading, and each of them has a different meaning. They show us our future and story in this living world.

If you enjoy Tarot, it’s important that you know what each card means, as it will help you to understand the messages and advice the universe has for us.

In this article, we’ll talk about the eight of pentacles reversed and what impact it has on your life.

It’s a really powerful card that shows a lot about your path on Earth and what the future holds for you.

Meaning of 8 of Pentacles Reversed

8 of Pentacles Reversed
8 of Pentacles Reversed

On the Eight of Pentacles card, a young man is seen working hard on building his craft of coins.

He is deeply focused on his trade, away from the temptations of distraction, and his expression of determination to see this task through is evident.

When the Eight of Pentacles is drawn upright, it represents having to put aside one’s time into building up new skills.

The reader has a knack for artistic talents and this could be something that they take much pride in.

The Eight of Pentacles encourages its reader to:

  • Focus on the tasks at hand that they have put their minds to;
  • Continue striving towards their end goal of perfection.

Though the journey may be demanding, through diligence and grit, a true mastery of the reader’s craft will eventually be obtained so long as they keep at it. 

8 of Pentacles Reversed as feelings

Eight of Pentacles as feelings: Reversed position

Drawn in reverse, the Eight of Pentacles suggests that you may be experiencing a slump or a lack of motivation when it comes to needing to get things done.

Inertia has seeped into what was once an enjoyable process. It has been draining all sense of fulfillment from what once brought you joy.

While this may sound dreadful, it is a normal process that many people face on their path to success. So you are definitely not alone in your struggles.

With that said, it is important that you remember not to lose sight of the bigger picture of your plans.

Oftentimes, it is easy to be excessively hard on ourselves. Picking at all the little details to ensure that everything is perfect.

While this could be helpful to a certain extent, we should take note of not chasing after perfection to our own detriment. Remember that flaws are a natural part of our work.

Conversely, the card may also be indicative of hubris and overconfidence in your craft to the point of arrogance.

In this situation, it is vital that you put effort into your work and not be complacent enough to do only what it takes for you to skim by.

Additionally, it is crucial to consider the difference between pride and arrogance in the craft. Avoid allowing the latter to thrive and reach the point where you are blinded to mistakes.

A healthy balance must be worked out to make sure that we are not growing too complacent or too harsh on ourselves. 

8 of Pentacles Reversed in a Yes or No reading

This card revelas a NO answer

If the Eight of Pentacles reversed makes its appearance when seeking yes or no answers, your answer is NO.

You may be facing demanding times or they might be heading your way.

This is a good time to reflect on yourself and try to figure out what is causing the lack of motivation that you are feeling.

Remember that you have the option to step away and get a change of scenery whenever needed.

Do also keep your feelings and efforts in check in order to ensure that proper balance is in place. Excessive pride or low esteem may dim out a bright future and should be worked on to ensure true success. 

8 of Pentacles Reversed in love and relationships

This tarot card in love

When it comes to love the Eight of Pentacles reflect a possible lack of commitment from either you or your partner.

With this lack of reciprocity, you may find that you and your partner are not emotionally ready to handle the responsibilities. The effort that has to be put into the relationship to make it work.

In turn, this leads to neglect on both sides because neither is willing to put the right amount of effort into the relationship.

Additionally, you might notice that you or your partner have been prioritizing other facets of your lives over your relationship, rather than giving each other the attention that you both deserve.

Open communication is needed here to bring things back on track and to ensure a healthy relationship.

This will help to re-establish practical ways to meet both of your expectations and find ways to keep things interesting.

If no further efforts are made by both of you and you continue on this path, it will inevitably lead to a separation.

However, if you have tried and communication fails, you must ultimately decide if your relationship is something that you are willing to put in the work to maintain. 

Is 8 of Pentacles Reversed a positive Tarot card?

The negative messages from this cards

The Eight of Pentacles in reverse is a positive card.

It serves as a reminder to maintain a healthy balance in our work, relationships, and life.

Too much or too little of anything is never a solution, even when it sounds optimistic.

Excessive pride or a lack of motivation in our trade naturally throws us off-kilter and necessary actions are needed to regain balance.

Do not forget to include humility and accountability as parts of the recipe for success. Remember the many ways that the people around us have supported us in our journey.

Be kind to others in your journey as well, and support others where possible.

With regard to love, a lack of commitment and effort might plague your relationships. Driving away any remaining sentiments of joy and passion.

9 Advice from the 8 of Pentacles Reversed

Messages from this tarot card

In general, the Eight of Pentacles prompts its reader to proceed with care and perseverance if success and happiness are what they seek.

Nine advice that the Eight of Pentacles has to offer are: 

1) Find a balance

Most of the time, striking a balance is needed to ensure that things go smooth-sailing.

If the balance is thrown off, we often find ourselves either being too harsh on ourselves or too relaxed to a point where it might feel as if you are barely putting any effort into the work you are doing at all.

Neither are good options to work with. Hence, it is important that you find a healthy middle to stick to and all will be well

2) Practise discipline in the things that you do

Discipline and dedication to your craft might be just what you need to overcome the obstacles that you have been facing.

  • Where you are lacking in motivation: use discipline and dedication to upkeep and adhere to a regular schedule. That ensures consistent effort is in place.
  • Where you may be overly confident in your work: use discipline and dedication to keep your emotions in check and focus on the areas where improvement may be needed.

Keep working towards your goals with these values and you would eventually be able to achieve them. 

3) Find your motivation

Often, we need to take a step back and spend some time with a change of scenery to find our love for a craft once again.

It is normal to lose your motivation from time to time. The key is to not give up on the end goal.

More often than not, a breather is just what we need before immersing ourselves back into our journey once again.

Alternatively, go back to a few spaces to focus solely on the area of your craft that brings you joy and seek inspiration from there. 

4) Do not lose sight of the bigger picture

Constantly chasing the little milestones can quickly grow exhausting.

When we are always only focusing on the little things, we might find that it seems insignificant and pointless when on their own.

However, in the grand scheme of things, every tiny effort eventually pays off and leads to grander success.

Review and reevaluate your journey where necessary to see how far you have come and how close you are to your goal. 

5) Do not skim out on love

Relationships don’t flourish unless we give it the adequate focus and attention that it needs.

Be mindful not to take your relationships for granted. Be aware of the areas where you and your significant other may have grown complacent.

Without further actions, your relationship will be doomed for failure and the situation will become dire in the near future. 

6) Take responsibility

Whether it be in romance or in work, it is important for us to take responsibility for the things that we have committed ourselves to.

Avoidance of responsibility sets anyone up for failure and dooms even the best opportunities.

Do not stray away from having to put in time and effort. It is the only way you will manage to reap success and its rewards.

Stay accountable to the people around you and more importantly, to yourself. By sticking to your responsibilities and seeing them through. 

7) Acknowledge the efforts of others in your journey

On the note of responsibility and accountability, it is worthwhile to remember that most of our accomplishments will not be possible without the help of the people around us.

As humans, we do not operate in silos and often tap on the support of others to flourish in our endeavors.

This sense of appreciation also allows us to stay humble.

We need to keep our pride in check with the understanding that our successes are not built solely by our own efforts alone. 

8) Stay humble and kind

Humility and kindness are arguably the best things that humanity has to offer.

When we stay humble and kind, we are treating others the way we would like to be treated. Doing it often evokes feelings of mutual understanding.

We never know what challenges await us around the corner and support can come from even the most unexpected places.

Respect built from humility and kindness also forms a firmer stronghold and is less likely to be swayed by pressure. 

9) Share your knowledge, where possible

Remember the challenges that you faced when you first started out in the trade?

It is likely that someone else is facing the same challenges and a little helping hand goes a long way.

Where it is sound, share your knowledge and expertise so that someone else can also gain from your lessons and mistakes.

Experience is crucial in any line of work. So sharing what you know will definitely do more good than you can envision.

Final Words

Re-ground yourself and communicate with your significant other to establish mutual effort and commitment to the relationship.

Be aware of the areas where you both have become overly comfortable or too complacent. Take the necessary steps to rejuvenate your love for one another.

Set up a routine if needed and make your own traditions as you go along to spice things up. Nothing is doomed if the both of you only set your hearts to make it right again. 

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