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Home » 9 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

9 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

9 of Pentacles Reversed Meaning: as Feelings, Love, and Yes or No

The Nine of Pentacles reversed shows a lot about your life and what the future holds for you. It shows a life filled with joy and celebration for your accomplishments.

Your life will be surrounded by love and financial success. It’s directly linked with your desires and personal dreams.

Remember to take some time for yourself and not fall into the endless cycle of becoming a slave to money.

The card of Nine of Pentacles reversed also reminds you to be your true self. Your inner beauty is truly special and unique.

In this article, you’ll understand what this card has to tell you about your life, feelings and love.

Meaning of 9 of Pentacles Reversed

9 of Pentacles Reversed
9 of Pentacles Reversed

Surrounded by her luscious and fruitful garden, a woman clad in gold and scarlet finery stands tall and confident.

Her hard work and careful tending to her vines have reaped a bountiful harvest that will evoke the admiration of those around her.

The appearance of an upright Nine of Pentacles signifies the accomplishments and successes that have been attained.

Symbolizing a joyous occasion that calls for celebration, the card shows that hard work has finally paid off. It represents:

  • Stability in the reader’s life;
  • The arrival at a stage in life where one feels self-sufficient.

The ability to control one’s own desires and impulses is no easy feat. So achieving the fulfillment that accompanies the act of mastery over one’s self calls for jubilation.

The struggles of life that the reader has faced are now over through the conquering of goals and reaching the height of ambition.

A new chapter, one that is filled with safety and certainty, is on the horizon and a joyful future is in the cards. It indicates that now would be a good time to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of labor.

9 of Pentacles Reversed as feelings

9 of Pentacles Reversed as feelings

If drawn in reverse, however, the Nine of Pentacles indicates the presence of doubt in oneself and low self-esteem.

You may also find yourself struggling with imbalance and instability in your life. It is only fair to note here that we are often our own worst enemies.

So be aware of whatever insecurities and uncertainty that may be plaguing you and be careful to not let this throw you off track.

There is freedom to be won in allowing yourself to be who you want to be and accepting yourself just as you are.

This may be a good time to take a step back and re-evaluate your priorities. It is crucial to re-ground yourself and recall your initial goals to get yourself back on track.

Remember that life is not just about working hard but also enjoying the journey that you are currently embarking on.

During this time, you may feel an immense pressure to create a false sense of self or identity to impress your peers. Especially with the prevalence of social media.

Do not give to the temptations of societal standards and be sure to stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, the only person that you need to be accountable to is yourself.

9 of Pentacles Reversed in a Yes or No reading

It's a no!

When seeking answers to yes or no questions, the Nine of Pentacles in reverse indicates a clear NO.

This card invites you to seek self-awareness and to stay true to yourself.

Though it is easy to be thrown off-kilter, it is important that you maintain a healthy balance between work and enjoyment.

It is also worthwhile to question the value between money and joy, and what each of them means for you. Throughout your journey, be mindful to:

  • Not give in to the temptations of peer pressure;
  • Be swayed by societal standards;
  • Lose sight of yourself during times when things are feeling bleak or uncertain. 

9 of Pentacles Reversed in love and relationships

The nine of pentacles in love

Healthy relationships require a certain level of emotional openness and willingness between the couple.

When it comes to the confusing matters regarding love, the drawing of the Nine of Pentacles may indicate a strong sense of hesitance when it comes to matters of the heart.

You may be facing some fears about potentially losing your independence.

Relationships are complicated and you may find yourself experiencing a sense of doubt during this time.

You might also be feeling like there is something lacking in your relationship, which may lead to some anxiety.

While it is normal to feel insecure sometimes, it is important to remember not to let these insecurities have control over your relationship.

Trust is an important part of being in love and therefore, it is important to know that you will be able to trust and rely on your partner.

This would be a good time for you both to sit down together to try and sort things out to gain a better understanding of what each other may be feeling. 

Maintain an open and honest conversation that allows for the both of you to share your thoughts in a safe environment. 

Is 9 of Pentacles Reversed a positive Tarot card?

The positive and negative messages from this card

Drawing the Nine of Pentacles in reverse might seem like a herald of misfortune.

But it is merely a warning of your current state and a reminder that change is needed to bring yourself back on track.

Take some time to reflect on the areas of your life that require improvement or where anxiety is present. Reassess things to see what can be done to remedy the situation before it becomes dire.

Whether it is in your career or in love, all is not lost and hope can often be found within ourselves if we search for it.

9 Advice from the 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Nine of pentacles reversed

Inversed, the Nine of Pentacles invites you to take a step back and reassess your life. This is a good time to remind yourself of what it is that drives and motivates you.

While practicing frugality and good financial habits is a healthy routine, overdoing it may lead to unhappiness in the long run. It is natural and arguably necessary to splurge on ourselves once in a while to care for our own well-being.

Additionally, it is worthwhile to remind yourself that there are other important things in life and believe in yourself as you continue to work towards your goal.

The rest will fall into place as you journey along so take things one step at a time.

1) Do not let self-doubt keep you from your goals

The Nine of Pentacles encourages you to not let your doubts get the better of you.

Though it is normal to experience some uncertainty, it is important to have faith in yourself and not allow these negative thoughts to ruin your life.

Balance this insecurity with the knowledge that you have strengths that will come in handy when you face obstacles in life.

Flaws can be easily targeted and remedied with these strengths that we possess. Only when we are aware of how to wield them to our advantage. 

2) Stay true to yourself

During times of uncertainty, it is important to remember to stay true to yourself.

Even when it is tempting, or perhaps even easier, to put on a mask and pretend to be someone that you are not.

Making decisions when you lack honesty with yourself and others will ultimately set you up for failure and lead you astray toward an unhappy future.

The worst thing in life is to wake up one day and realize that you have built a past of lies because you were unable to be honest with yourself. 

3) Remember what it is that you are working towards

Though it is easy to lose sight of your goals, it is important to remember what it is that keeps you driven to keep on striving towards your goals.

Understand what motivates you and how it influences your approach to life and use that to your advantage.

Create a list if that helps, or speak to someone that you can trust who will remind you of what matters when challenges arise. 

4) Maintain a healthy balance

It is easy to forget to give ourselves time to rest and simply enjoy the process.

Especially at a time when money and building a career are important in maintaining a good quality of life.

However, those are not the only things in life that matter, despite what we are led to believe.

Remember to strike a balance and set aside time to do what you love so that you can find joy in the different facets of your life.

Also, take extra caution to tend to your physical and mental health. 

5) Be open to love

We may feel like we are protecting ourselves when we close ourselves off from others.

But it is important to remember that to maintain a healthy relationship, we must be open to trusting others, no matter how scary it may seem.

A relationship built on a shallow connection and foundation will not sustain in the long run as love requires openness, trust and honesty.

If love is something that you seek in the future, work on overcoming the areas of your life where you are guarded and make space for love to flow through. 

6) In love, be wary of deceit or deception

It is without a doubt that trust is an important aspect in any relationship. Without it, relationships will be doomed before it even starts.

With that being said, beware of any lies and deception that may exist between you and your partner and allow for honesty to always be a part of your communication. 

7) Take time to think about what is important to you

Money, though needed to survive in current society, is only fleeting in excess.

This is a good time to step back and consider if the material things are worth the struggles that we put ourselves through.

Be honest with yourself in terms of your needs and wants in life and set your priorities accordingly. 

8) Allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate

Remember to take time to allow yourself to regain your strength and sense of motivation.

Though the willingness to put in the effort is key to success, overworking and pushing yourself too hard will lead to burnout and greater emotional turmoil that will inevitably delay your progress.

Pace yourself well and strike a balance in your time allocation for work and play. 

9) Be sure to seek self-clarity

It is important to take time to seek clarity within yourself to head toward your goals and desires.

Make sure that your priorities are where you want them to be and be aware of the areas where you might go astray.

Final Words

Be adaptable and set aside time for reflection over the course of your journey. Additionally, remember to take this opportunity to find ways to be more assured of yourself and build your confidence. 

Remember that everything is best in balance and where there are flaws, there is also strength and possibility for change. 

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