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11 Bad Angel Numbers: The Worst Angel Number Meanings!

11 Bad Angel Numbers: The Worst Angel Number Meanings!

In this article, we will discuss the 11 bad angel numbers you should beware of. You can never tell when these numbers will show up around you.

However, when it happens, let this article guide you.

Understand the message it means, determine if it’s evitable or not, and engage in spiritual practice to avert the evitable ones.

Without wasting time, let’s get into these 11 bad angel numbers.

Are there any bad Angel Numbers?

bad Angel Numbers

Yes, there are bad angel numbers. These angel numbers come with several warning messages and omens. In some cultures, they are seen as bad luck signs from the spiritual world.

You need to understand that good and bad messages can come to us. This is how life is balanced. Some of these negative messages could serve as a warning sign to us. At other times, they could simply reveal the inevitability of life.

As we delve deeper into this topic, pay attention to the bad angel numbers. You can also get divine guidance through them.

Which Angel Numbers are bad?

Which Angel Numbers are bad

Most of the negative angel numbers are repeating numbers. You need to be on the lookout for these strange forms of numbers.

Once they form around you, it reveals that something negative is on the horizon. It shows that a spiritual warning sign has been given to you from the heavens.

Here are the 11 bad angel numbers:


These are strange angel numbers you should beware of.

Now, what do these angel numbers mean?

Read on to find out their negative spiritual meanings for guidance.

11 Bad and negative angel numbers with meaning

Bad Numbers

As we have discussed so far, it is important to accept the negative angel numbers. It keeps us balanced and makes us more sensitive and vigilant.

In this section, our attention is fixed on the 11 bad and negative angel numbers with their spiritual meanings.

Read on to find out what they mean.

1) 1311

The moment you spot this number, it reeks of inconsistency. You will notice an inconsistent pattern in the angel number 1. The 3 was a disruption to this number.

Seeing 1311 means you are inconsistent with your goals.

It also reveals that you will experience a disruption in your life path. It predicts a soon-coming negative situation that might hinder your progress.

2) 1422

This is another strange angel number you should look out for. 4 and 2 are divisible numbers, while 1 is an odd number.

What does it mean?

It means that there is a mole in your friendship circle. Someone within your circle of friends is planning negatively behind your back.

4 and 2 emit the same energy frequency, which is a sign that you are on track with your friends.

However, the 1 scatters everything. It reveals that a possible fight is going to erupt within your circle of friends.

3) 2399

This is similar to the 1422 angel number.

3 and 9 are divisible numbers. Therefore, they function along the same energetic path

However, 2 seems to be the odd one out among these numbers.

What does this mean?

Well, it reveals that you are not in the right company of friends. You are the angel number 2 in 2399. It means that you’ve not found your place. It is time to get out of certain circles for your emotional and mental stability.

2399 predicts a betrayal.

4) 9900

Whenever you see 9900, it is an angel number of failures. This predicts that you might experience a setback in your business. Most times, when you get this number at night, it prepares you for a rough day ahead. It could also reveal that you are about to enter a negative season of your life.

Before you sleep, if you suddenly see 9900, it means you will have a bad dream. The negative energy from this number will disrupt your mind as you sleep.

Spiritually, 9900 means that your spiritual energy centers are out of alignment.

5) 0000

In the world of numerology, 0000 is seen as an infinite number. It also revolves around an endless void in the hearts of people.

This is why you should beware of this number. The moment it constantly shows up around you, be sensitive to the thoughts that flood your heart.

The energy from this number can cloud your sense of judgment. It can disrupt your ability to think creatively. It could cause your mind to lose its vigor and clarity.

6) 1355

1355 is a sign of unforgiveness and emotional issues. Whenever you find this number around you, it is a sign of hurt, betrayal, and emotional traumas. This number predicts that someone you trust is going to betray you soon.

Before it happens, the universe sent this strange number as an omen to reveal the bad message.

You will be hurt! This will cause you to delve into unforgiveness.

In the midst of it all, remind yourself to keep yourself warm. Walking in divine love helps you to let go of what was done to you.

1355 is not a good angel number sign.

7) 6677

If you subtract 66 from 77, you will get 11.

Now, this is not a good angel sign.

The moment you see this angel number in this manner, it means that someone close to you might die soon. This is why you are getting 11 from the subtraction. The person is important to you. Their death will make you feel lonely.

When it happens, encourage yourself. Take solace in the fact that the spiritual world is watching over you.

When I discovered this angel number, it was scary! So much bad energy in 6677. Beware of it.

8) 1100

This is a sign of stagnancy. It means that your life is regressing. It means that nothing is working in your life.

A number progression should go from 1 to 2. In this case, it went from 1 to 0, which is a sign of wasted effort. This reveals that everything you’ve done so far has not propelled you to a height of success.

On the other hand, 1100 could be a warning sign against laziness. It reveals that you are doing nothing to advance your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Please, take note of this number.

Whenever it shows up around you, ensure you engage in spiritual practices to avert its bad energy and message.

9) 0011

This sign reveals a lack of spiritual sensitivity.

Numerology reveals that 0 is a sign of eternity, which is the source of spirituality. 0 is a sign of the immaterial world.

Once you get to 1, everything becomes material and visible.

Therefore, seeing a progression from 0 to 1 means you have lost your spiritual fervor.

In Christianity, this angel number reveals that you are far away from God. It means that your spiritual sensitivity is down.

Take action to restore your spiritual self. Recharge your energy centers as well.

10) 4433

This is an omen of sickness.

At night, whenever the 4433 angel number shows up around you, it reveals that you have overused your body, and it’s about to break down.

Spiritually, this is a warning sign you should keep in mind.

Engage in healthy practices like sleeping well, eating well, and resting properly.

In the world of numbers, 4433 could appear as a sign that someone close to you is sick. When you think of someone, and find this number around, it means that someone you know is not feeling too well.

Trust in your intuition to know the person, and check up on them.

11) 3333

The subtraction of 33 from 33 gives us a zero.

Spiritually, this number talks about wastage – especially in the area of finances.

When you get your salary, and begin to find this strange number around you, it is a warning sign from the spiritual world.

This number reveals that financial hardship is coming. It reveals that you are not resourceful.

You need to save more than you spend. Be prudent with the resources in your hands. Take the 3333 angel number as the warning sign you need to act on this message.

What is the worst angel number?

Worst Number

There are no worst angel numbers.

The 11 angel numbers above come with their unique negative energies and messages. You should pay close attention to them because they can be really ugly when ignored.

When it comes to knowing the worst angel number, there is none.

A lot of people claim that 111 and 267 are the worst angel numbers.

Well, I have seen angel numbers with more negative messages than these numbers.

Therefore, rather than seeking for the worst angel number, focus more on the ones that appear to you, and get their negative energy out of the way.

Final Words

Don’t be scared of these numbers.

You might never see them in your lifetime.

However, if you do see them, it means that the universe needs to balance the trajectory of your life.

Some of these numbers come with warning signs you should pay attention to. You can also use spiritual rituals to avert the dangers that come with these numbers.

What has been your experience with bad angel numbers?

Share your experience with us below in the comment section.

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