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Home » Seeing 1111 When Thinking of Someone: Was it your ex?

Seeing 1111 When Thinking of Someone: Was it your ex?

Seeing 1111 When Thinking of Someone: Was it your ex?

Whenever you see 1111 when thinking of someone, it means that the spiritual world has a message for you. This is not coincidental. It was divinely arranged in this manner to get your attention and deliver the intended message to you.

Now, can this angel number speak of your ex?

Is it a positive spiritual message or not?

Read this article to find out more about what it means to see this number when thinking of someone.

1111 Angel Number meaning in relationships

Guardian Angel

In relationships, the 1111 angel number can mean several things.

Superstitious beliefs have played a major role in the significance of this angel number in relationships. It is believed that people who see 1111 are destined to have 4 friends.
Once they begin to keep more than 4 friends, betrayals and hurts will happen to them.
You can take this for yourself as well. The spiritual world might give you this sign as direction.
They are telling you to not keep more than 4 friends. This is how to stay focused on your path and attract the right energy to sponsor your dreams.
Apart from this superstitious belief, 1111 could be a new beginning. For example, if you recently fought with your friends, this number might show up as a sign of forgiveness.
It means that the universe has allowed you to reconnect with your friends and make things better.

Through this angel number sign, your relationship can become stronger. Whenever you dream of receiving an 1111 number from your friends, it means that they are good people.

There is nothing to fear or suspect about the intention of your peeps concerning you.

Spiritually, when you see the 1111 angel number, it could also spark love. For example, 11 and 11 make 22. In the world of numerology, 22 is a number for duality. It represents love and romance.

Therefore, seeing this number could be a sign of romance. If you are single, it could mean that you will soon find the love of your life. (we will discuss more about this later).

Seeing 1111 when thinking about your Ex

Thinking about someone

It is possible to become so obsessed with your ex that angel numbers begin to show up around you. One of those angel numbers is the 1111 number. In the spiritual world, the moment you find this number, it reveals that you are obsessed with your ex.

It means that you desire to reconnect with him/her again.

In some cases, this could mean that your ex is also thinking about you. During my research about the spiritual link between this number and psychic connection, I discovered that there is a high possibility of an energy transfer from one person to another.
This is why I believe that seeing 1111 when thinking of your ex is a sign that the person is also thinking about you.
Do you also know that this number might have nothing to do with your ex or a romantic relationship? Your ex is a symbol of your past life and experiences.
Therefore, if you see 1111 while thinking of your ex, it could signify that you are gloating too much about your past experiences. It could mean that you have refused to move on with your life.
Take this number as a unique omen from the spiritual world. It is time to move on with your life.

I believe that people who see this number when thinking of their ex have been hurt in their relationship. This number is a sign of emotional healing. It helps them get better.

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Seeing 1111 when thinking about your soulmate

1111 and your soulmate

When thinking of your soulmate, the 1111 angel number sign means that your soulmate is also thinking about you. This number establishes a psychic connection. It opens your mind to the fact that someone also cares and feels the same way you do.

Spiritually, when you see this number while thinking about your soulmate, it could signify a possible meeting. If you have not met your soulmate, this angel number reveals that you are meeting him/her soon.

It could also mean that you are finally ready to open your heart to love.

Furthermore, the spiritual world could speak a message of acceptance through this angel number sign.

Whenever you see this number while thinking of your soulmate, it means you should be ready to accept and relate with people – especially new people. Be willing to establish new relationships.

It is believed that your soulmate will play a major part in your transformation. This is why you saw the angel number 1111. The moment it shows up, it is a sign of soul growth and development, and your soulmate will help you to attain that.

Keep these messages at the back of your mind.

Use them to connect with your soul mate and open yourself up to love.

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Seeing Angel Number 1111 When Thinking of Someone: 7 Signs

Seeing Angel Number 1111 When Thinking of Someone

When you see the angel number 1111 when thinking of someone, there are 7 spiritual signs you need to pay attention to.

Let us discuss them in this section.

Read below to find out these signs.

1) The person is also thinking of you

The angel number is a confirmation that the person also has you in mind. It reveals that you are not lost in your thoughts alone. 1111 reveals a psychic connection between you and the person in your mind.

2) Check up on the person

Whenever you see this angel number, it could be a sign to check up on the person in your mind. This sign does not always speak of romance and friendships. It also speaks of care and concern.

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3) Pay more attention to your family members

If the person on your mind is your family member, your guardian angel wants you to pay attention to your family. You are losing the balance between your work and social life. Don’t ignore those that are important to your life.

4) Something good is going to happen to the person

This is a good sign!

In the morning, when you see 1111 while thinking of someone, it could mean that good luck is about to enter the person’s life. This sign means that something good is about to happen to the individual in your mind.

5) Pray for the person

This is a biblical sign.

When someone floats into your mind, God will send the 1111 angel number as a sign to intercede for the person.

Please, don’t ignore this auspicious sign.

I have listened to testimonies of people who were saved from death because someone obeyed this divine message to pray.

If you are given this message, ensure you pray for the person.

6) Beware of that individual

Spiritually, when you have negative thoughts about someone, you will see the angel number 1111 as an omen to be careful of that person. This sign was given to help you steer clear of the person.

It helps you to not trust the person with sensitive information about yourself.

Ensure you take heed to this sign.

Angel numbers are powerful signs. With them, you can spot someone’s dishonesty (as in this case of 1111 angel number).

7) The spirit of the dead is around

If the person on your mind is dead, then, angel number 1111 is a sign of their presence. It reveals that the spirit of your lost loved one has come around to check up on you. They want you to feel comforted and strengthened.

They have come to motivate you to stick to the path you have chosen.

Through this sign, you are encouraged to embrace the life ahead of you with confidence.

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Seeing 1111 in love: I am single! What does it mean?

Seeing 1111 in love for singles

If you are single, seeing 1111 is a sign of love. It means you will find your soulmate soon. This omen brings about a connection between you and your soulmate. If you are scared of finding love, this number assures you to expect to be loved.

Whenever you see this number in your dream, it means that your soulmate is looking for you.

This is a unique spiritual symbol. Once it shows up, a season of love has begun for you.

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Is 1111 a good Angel Number?

About this angel number

Yes, 1111 is a good angel number. Whenever it shows up around you, expect positive things to happen in your life. Its spiritual significance is not only relegated to relationship and love.

It can affect your finances, career, and other wide varieties of your life.

Embrace the energy of this number with the whole of your heart.

The clarity it brings is second to none.

Also, it is a number for GOD. 1 is a sign of divine omnipotence. Therefore, seeing 1111 could be a sign that God is around.

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Final Words

Once 1111 reveals the beginning of a new relationship, prepare for it. Make yourself reachable by, and friendly to people.

Throughout this article, I have not ceased to stress how spiritually relevant this number is.

Use the information you have to decipher what the spiritual realm is saying to you through the unique angel number 1111.

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